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BARBARA EBERHARDT was born in 1943 in Berlin, Germany in the middle of WWII. In 1954 her family immigrated to the Province of Quebec, Canada. The family returned to Germany in 1960, where she met her future husband. In 1965 she and her husband immigrated to the USA, where they settled in San Francisco, California. Barbara remembers fondly a year and a half when they travelled in a VW Camper all through West Africa.

She spent most of her adult life in San Francisco. What she remembers most of the late 70's was struggling to get pregnant, having 5 miscarriages; until 1983 when her son was born. In 1985 she divorced and moved with her young son back to Germany to take care of her parents who were in their upper 70's by that time. Barbara stayed in Germany until both parents passed, then returned to Northern California in 1995 where she raised her son, worked, and retired.

Barbara biography - her life's story - seems normal, and even mundane... but that is the surface, where ET houses the memories they let you remember!

New Career at 75! ET Nursery Nurse

Barbara owned a 5 acre property and had her house and every room within remodeled for old age. She was going to die there, it was her Home. Then in 2018/2019 her entire life changed - drastically. She was 75 years old when she discovered she had been in contact and taken by aliens all her life, and is still being taken to this day. Barbara will tell us about the revelation she had been working with ET in their hybrid program for over 7 decades; where her specialty is working with hybrid babies. A heartfelt story of wonderment and joy.