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CAMILLE JAMES HARMAN, M.F.A, is an experiencer and actress originally from Louisiana. In December 1995, soon after moving to Los Angeles from New Orleans, she had her first UFO sighting and abduction experience in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. She suspects that the encounters began in childhood. She had hypnosis sessions with Barbara Lamb and Yvonne Smith that revealed experiences with greys, insectoids, MILABS and light beings of pure love. Harman worked with various healers to stop the abductions, and she believes she no longer has experiences.

Harman attended the 50th Anniversary of the Roswell crash in 1997 and traveled to England in the July 1998 to see the crop circles. She wrote for UFO magazine from 2000-2004 - an exciting job that allowed her to meet many legendary UFO researchers. She went public with her abductions, presenting at MUFON Orange County and appearing on several television shows.

She married astrologer Jeff Harman and had a son. They moved the family to Tucson, AZ for ten years, where her sightings and research continued. She presented at MUFON chapters in Tucson and Phoenix. Upon the family’s return to Los Angeles in 2016, Harman resumed her acting career. Her credits include the Oscar-winning film Vice, the Emmy Award-winning series Shameless, the Lifetime movie A Daughter’s Deceit, several music videos and award-winning short films. In 2022 she won three Best Actress Awards for the short film, Tigerlilly.

If all goes well with the world, in 2023 she will play an assistant district attorney in a new series about child trafficking called Vice Squad: L.A. Her current research interests include Tartaria, Catholicism, alternative geology, astro-theology, time travel and simulation theory.

Blue Beam, Born Again, and Back to the Future

Actress Camille James Harman first became aware of her abductions in 1995; she has been exploring paranormal encounters and alternative views of reality ever since. Harman will tell of her abductions by greys and humans that included breeding, implants and trauma as well as ecstatic experiences with light beings who told her she was on a mission to fight evil. She will highlight her documented adventures on the path to discovery from Roswell to the crop circles of England and her time writing for UFO magazine. She’ll also share the great advice she got from legends in the UFO field. Topics include vampires, angels, demons, MILABs, and Hollywood.