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Special Guest

DANNY has been a seeker, a mystic, and experiencer since he was young; he integrates wisdoms and methods from many cultures and traditions in his life and work. As a professional bodyworker, he has conducted over 6000 client sessions over the past 20 years, some including cross-veil communication, hospice support, and visions. Danny has been supporting people on mind-body journeys of this nature for over 20 years.

Crystal Light Body Activation & Sound Bath Healing

Engage and awaken layers, channels, and dimensions of mind-body-consciousness through a guided, experiential journey of movement, breath, vibration, energy flow, and intention; plus, a sound bath healing meditation. This experience supports you to absorb and integrate the transmissions and wisdom of the speakers and experiences at the conference, and enhances synchronicity with the people you will meet.

Danny is available to conduct short of full healing and bodywork sessions during the conference. To schedule as session at the econference or at Danny's place of business; or for more information, testimonials, and contact information, please email: sensory1@gmail.com