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DAVE SCOTT is the creator and host of Spaced Out Radio, broadcast worldwide from British Columbia, Canada. This cutting edge, alternative radio show can be heard Monday through Friday at spacedoutradio.com.

Dave received a diploma in Broadcast Communications from one of Canada’s top broadcasting schools, BCIT, in 1998. He then spent nearly 10 years in radio, focusing most of his career in sportscasting, before leaving the field to pursue other interests.

His personal quest into understanding the unknown began in December, 2011, when Dave had contact with, what he calls, the Angel of Death, whom he saw in his mother’s eyes. This encounter led to his first channeling experience, after which, Dave’s involvement in the paranormal became more frequent.

Premonitions started coming true. He encountered Big Foot, with two of the creatures within 100 feet of him. UFOs started appearing anytime he wanted, even though Dave had no idea what “summoning” was. He's had sightings of five extraterrestrial species, one whom he has nicknamed "Carl".

On November 30, 2014, Dave launched Spaced Out Radio. His near decade as a broadcast journalist helped him craft a unique style of interviewing, making it comfortable and personal for his guests and listeners, alike. Dave looks at himself as one of the only trained and experienced radio journalists, who is also a multiple experiencer of the unknown.

MC & Game Show Host

Dave will be an MC, and besides introducing our speakers, he will be our host for the infamous "Liar, Liar" Game Show Saturday night!