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Experiencer | Contactee,Speaker,Special Guest

JOHN YOST'S prestigious career began under the jurisprudence of the U.S. Treasury Department. During that process, he attained his U.S. Customs Broker's License and occasionally was a paid consultant to the FBI regarding international trade matters. After ten successful years, the work lost its appeal. He left his position and sought another opportunity (and childhood dream) that would equally challenge him, FILM.

Within four years, John had successfully earned an invitation to almost every national arts organization: SAG- (Screen Actors Guild), AFTRA- (American Federation of Television & Radio Artists), AEA- (Actors Equity Association), and AGMA- (American Guild of Musical Artists).

John eventually joined the team of RYNO Production and began the foundation work that would eventually become RYNO PICTURES. In addition, to the hundreds of projects that he has written and directed, he has also produced several films: ALIEN ABDUCTION: ANSWERS - is his watershed project where he finally has been able to tell the true story of what happened to him as a child.

ABDUCTIONS: Overcoming FEAR and what that means for Disclosure

An Experiencer’s very intimate conversation about FEAR in his Abduction encounters; the power it has to cripple a person and cloud their perceptions. How he specifically navigated his overwhelming terror to discover a new and completely unexpected opportunity for truth. This truth is not his possession – every person in the audience can come to terms with it and THAT is the real Disclosure that the world doesn’t even know it so desperately needs.


John has been so kind as to Premiere his movie, Alien Abduction: Answers, at UFO CON 2023! More information on the Special Events page.