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MARK GLEN MOORE is a business consultant in the natural foods industry, a visionary entrepreneur and inventor, author and musician with a passion for advancing sustainability and health consciousness. He was instrumental in building some of the most recognized vegan brands from startups to international success, including such brands as Boca Burger, Tofurky, and Field Roast. Mark has worked many years in the solar energy sector as well, holding multiple patents. He is the founder and CEO of Solar Utility Network (SUN), working now to launch a multilateral solar utility partnership among Native American Tribes.

Mark recently began a Podcast, StarSeed: An Intrepid Adventure with Mark Glen Moore, along with producer and co-host Paul Robinson. In his fpodcast, Mark recounts his first visit with the Star People he calls “The Light People form the Pleiades” and shared with is audience the stroty of his first time invited aboard the space "crafts" - at the age of 5. He has recounted how the Light People help guide him and help him to achieve his visions.

Being StarSeed: My Intrepid Adventure

Mark will share his extraordinary life as a Starseed. His story begins at the very young age of around two and a half years, when visited late in the night as he was sleeping. Mark was awoken to a very bright light hovering above his bed that made a very special request. Mark’s younger brother Michael had recently died from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and was now here – appearing in his very bright spirit body. He asked Mark to write a poem from him to their parents. Michael wanted to explain why he had left the planet at the tender age of just six and a half months old. In spirit form, Michael guided his brother Mark late in the night to find a pen and a pad of paper and pushed his hand to write this poem. The poem was thought lost but resurfaced years later. Thus began Mark’s journey into the realms of spirituality, astral travel and his galactic education that continues to this day. His journey is remarkable!