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Experiencer | Contactee,Researcher a/o Scientist,Speaker

ROBERT MCGWIER, aka "Science Bob", is one of the world’s top researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence and has been leading the way using computer technology to help detect UFOs/UAPs in the skies over the United States.

He received his BSEE Electrical Engineering and BS Applied Math from Auburn University, and his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University. McGwier worked at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque starting in 1977 and was faculty Auburn University 1984-1986, Institute for Defense Analyses, Center for Communications Research from 1986-2011.

Currently, Bob is on faculty at Virginia Tech. He has been with them since 2011 as Professor and Chief Scientist of the Ted and Karyn Hume Center for National Security and Technology. Bob has also founded three companies: Hawkeye 360, Inc, Federated Wireless, Inc., and is the president of the UAP Tracking Network, Inc. At present time, he is working with several contactees conducting scientific investigations into their phenomenal cases.

LALA BRIGHT'S earliest paranormal recollection is of her finding her neighbor’s grave in a Baltimore cemetery with thousands of graves by hearing the deceased neighbor calling her. This was age 5 and she couldn’t read. Her father, a Reiki practitioner, experiencer, and energy worker recognized her instantly. She now speaks to the deceased for those who need it. She speaks to “aliens” for those who need it. She calls energy beings to her home daily and gets them to respond intelligently.

"SCIENCE BOB" & LALA BRIGHT: Attracting and Interacting with The Phenomenon

LALA and "SCIENCE BOB" are a UFO/Paranormal Power couple who were thrown together by The Phenomenon. She is a Psychic Medium and Experiencer. He is a scientist and engineer with internationally recognized credentials. Bob has outfitted their home with technology to enable LaLa’s abilities to be documented and shown to the world; and will present video's and documentation from their recent encounters with phenomenon. They will speak of their work together documenting The Phenomenon that now "lives with them"!