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VICTORIA WHITNEY, D.Sc., started with a distinguished career as an Environmental Scientist under the United States Navy, Department of Defense Special Programs and Projects. Today, Victoria is the Director of Omicron Research, Recovery, and Investigate Educational Research Center and has worked with Scholars, communities, and individual patrons around the globe for her entire career.

She has spent over forty-five years working in the research fields of Extraterrestrial Phenomena and has developed a program which promotes the inclusion of Extraterrestrial perspectives in both human and planetary research and practices, as well as, changing the lens through which people see this world amongst the cosmos.  She is also the chair on the Board of Directors for the Chaldai Foundation that provides professional services in Alternative Holistic Medicines, Ancient Healings and Therapies, Energetic Life systems, Esoteric and Spiritual Teachings, K-12 Private School, Life Guidance Counseling, and The Language, Processes, and Mechanics of Energy.  Her life has been a culmination of looking beyond a mere existence, to living an extraordinary life.


Worldbridging Environments is our ability to interact and understand Extraterrestrial Species. If we wish to sustain a healthy and thriving humanity upon Planet Earth, then we need to acknowledge the new paradigms unfolding before us. By its very nature, these new paradigms require researchers and science to make assumptions about the acculturation of an Extraterrestrial Species into our world’s health, politics, religions, philosophies, collaborations, competing factors, as well as, social and cultural aspects.

Worldbriding Environments is about understanding and adapting to new paradigm changes in which societal and worldviews will significantly transform our reality and beliefs and thereby the very foundations upon which this world has been built. These transformations will challenge an individual's latitude of acceptance; in how far an individual can go in either direction and still be amenable to changing their perspective without compromising their reality.

Actively Working with ET: This is Our New Future

Victoria's presentation will cover Omicron's current research which will include some very relevant personal experiences. Omicron is a group of serious researchers who have always worked behind the scenes because our research goes way beyond the normal contacts and musings. It was never about proof of life for us, that's a given.

There is a huge gap in the "UFOlogy" world between valid and credible investigative methodologies, data patterning and sequencing, analysis of correlation and actual value performances, with a ton of cultural baggage attached to it, hence its regarded as a pseudoscience rather than an excepted relevant science of value. We figured out a long time ago that this stigma would need to be changed in order to move this subject into relevancy.

We have created cultural environments and program platforms in which Species of different civilizations can interact and participate in the acculturation of them into our world and physical presence. This means it is imperative that we have a full understanding of their belief systems, cultures, politics, languages, etc., and how they see us, in order to actively work with them.

The government is doing the same thing (just not in a cooperative manner), we are approaching it with the understanding that they must be a willing-participant. Without this, a decade from now, we will still be asking the same questions. We can't afford to do this. My presentation will present our research and educate people on ET's five premises that virtually drive everything they do, including the intellectual and cognitive dissonance that is so prevalent. This is our new future.